I founded Infinity Parent Coaching in May 2010 with the sole purpose of empowering parents. Parenting is the toughest job any person can do and the one that is usually assumed with no prior training. I help parents fulfil the colossal task of being a parent. If you are one of those parents who wants to improve your communication with your children, or who is concerned about your child’s behaviour at home or at school, or who feels overwhelmed by your child's tantrums, or if you feel unhappy, frustrated or simply that change would be good for your family, please contact me.

I help parents to:

• Bring up their children in an atmosphere of cooperation where everyone‘s opinion is heard, where all the feelings are respected and everyone is treated uniquely.

• Help their children resolve conflict, grow into independent adults and build a healthy self-esteem - the best presents any parent can give to a child.

• Understand themselves better and realise the importance of taking better care of themselves.

• Break away from the cycle of less effective ways of parenting passed down to them from previous generations.

• Learn how to use positive discipline skills so that they can pass them on to future generations therefore setting in motion an infinitely positive parenting cycle.

I run a varity of courses and workshops you can join. I also offer individual consultations that will help to change your life and that of your entire family making parenting easier and more rewarding. WITH LOVE, ANASTASIA SEALE
MORNING Siblings Without Rivalry
EVENING How To Talk So Kids Will Listen
The Nurturing Programme
Individual Consultation
I have attended 2 courses run by Anastasia – How to Talk and Sibling Rivalry – both were well worth it, and also lots of fun – and also I met great people who were in the same boat as me – always great to share a problem.

More specifically, I originally thought the first course might be about how to use praise and language to avoid facing discipline issues with children but it is not like that at all. It teaches parents to be authoritative and send the right messages without micro managing our children – giving our children a feeling of self-worth and confidence that will stand them in good stead for the future. This is probably one of the key plus points for me. There is also m...
Katherine, mother of 3
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