Susan, mother of 2  
  Christopher, father of 1  
  Paula, mother of 1  
  Katherine, mother of 3  
  Genevieve, mother of 2  
Genevieve, mother of 2
First and foremost, doing the "How to Talk" and "Siblings Without Rivalry" courses gave me the confidence to experiment with my children's routines and to try all sorts of different approaches rather than just accepting, for example, that mornings would be rushed and I'd be shouting at them or that one child lacked confidence. The courses inspired me to really engage with my kids and I found myself looking forward to picking them up at school every day so that I could try out my new skills and discover different aspects of their personalities.

Although I probably would have liked the "How to Talk" book anyway (I found out after doing the course that my mother had read it when I was young), doing Anastasia's course really focused my attention and the group discussions gave rise to interpretations of my children's behaviour that never would have occurred to me alone. Being in a group with working mothers (I was a stay-at-home mother at the time) and with parents of slightly older children challenged my perspective and helped me to see my family dynamic more objectively.

My husband was skeptical at first and refused to read the books but then he saw how my new methods and ways of speaking to the children work and so now I often overhear him copying my patterns of speech almost as if he were following an "How to Talk" script. It's been a great result.
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