Susan, mother of 2  
  Christopher, father of 1  
  Paula, mother of 1  
  Katherine, mother of 3  
  Genevieve, mother of 2  
Katherine, mother of 3
I have attended 2 courses run by Anastasia – How to Talk and Sibling Rivalry – both were well worth it, and also lots of fun – and also I met great people who were in the same boat as me – always great to share a problem.

More specifically, I originally thought the first course might be about how to use praise and language to avoid facing discipline issues with children but it is not like that at all. It teaches parents to be authoritative and send the right messages without micro managing our children – giving our children a feeling of self-worth and confidence that will stand them in good stead for the future. This is probably one of the key plus points for me. There is also much good advice on how to recognise and change ineffective patterns of responding to our children. Fortunately there are many well illustrated examples – which are humorous and very illuminating - and practical exercises to reinforce these ideas.

When the How To Talk Workshop series came to an end, everyone wanted more. The Siblings Without Rivalry sessions were the perfect follow-up – all fitted so well together. It has really helped provide me and all the family with tools to help my three babes get along better and even led to a greater understanding and acceptance of my own siblings – and the ‘hang ups’ that I may still have from a child !

Overall, both courses really make you think about how we interact with our children, the impact of our actions on your childrens confidence and self-belief – its simple but powerful – and just needs practice! I would highly recommend these courses and Anastasia as a coach and teacher.
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